Hi, I'm Ambros.


 I love working in a field where every new project can be a new challenge. Whether it's making something new, or finding an exciting way to make the familiar even better.


With close to fifteen years of experience in Visual Effects for commercials, documentaries feature film and other Art forms I see myself as a generalist with a high passion for bringing your imagination to the screen. Or life.


My services include high quality CG content creation, digital compositing, motion graphics and supervision for commercials and feature films as well as digital sculpting and conceptual design for 3d printing purposes.


The best visual effects are well planned visual effects. Being involved in a project at an early stage ensures the best experience for me and my clients. Please feel free to contact me or visit me at my office in the center of Vienna.




office@ambros.tv    +436608661235    Linke Bahngasse 3/21, 1030 Wien